What's the most awkward moment for you?
We've gathered some of the worst common situations.
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Life is filled with awkward moments.
Which type do you find the most uncomfortable?

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No kidding. It's like awkwardness breeds more awkwardness.
Which moment of awkward etiquette is the worst for you?

It's not fair, but it happens.
Which of these examples is the most awkward for you?

It's the worst, like they're completely oblivious to your discomfort.
Which of these boundary crossings feels the most awkward for you?

Hard conversations are hard. People don't always react well.
Which of these conversations is the most awkward for you?

Uncomfortable indeed — when things get really heated, it feels like there's no way to escape.
Which of these heated moments feels the most awkward to you?

There's nothing good to say. But it feels awful to say nothing at all.
When it comes to someone else's misfortune, which do you think is the most awkward to address?

Nobody wants to talk about money. But sometimes we have to.
Which money matter would be the most awkward for you?

Secrets can be so dangerous — especially when they get out.
Which secretive slip-up is the most awkward for you?

It's driving you crazy, and they just don't get it!
Which clueless situation would be the most awkward for you to address?

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